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Photo-a-day static CloudFront/S3 website created by Lambda/PHP
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This static site displays my photo-a-day picture for each day of the year. It is hosted on S3 behind CloudFront. A Lambda/PHP function fetches the photos from Flickr and generates a static HTML file that it uploads to S3 & then invalidates the CloudFront cache.

Set up

  1. Install AWS cli:

     $ pip install aws-cli
  2. Install SAM cli:

     $ pip install aws-sam-cli
  3. Edit the PROJECT_NAME variable in Makefile and replace YOUR-NAME-HERE with your name.

  4. Set parameters into AWS's SSM:

     $ aws ssm put-parameter --name "P365LiveWebsiteBucketName" --type "String" --value "{project name}-website"
     $ aws ssm put-parameter --name "P365LiveWebsiteDomain" --type "String" --value "{project's domain name. e.g.}"
     $ aws ssm put-parameter --name "P365LiveFlickrApiKey" --type "String" --value "{Flickr API Key}"
     $ aws ssm put-parameter --name "P365LiveFlickrUserId" --type "String" --value "{Flickr User id (e.g. 86569608@N00)}"
  5. Run Composer:

     $ composer install --no-dev  --optimize-autoloader

Create application

make deploy

Run actions:

  1. Upload static assets to bucket:

     make upload-assets
  2. Create 2019.html from Flickr data and upload to bucket:

     make update
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