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This repository contains useful Sublime Text 2 stuff.

##PHP Getter & Setter snippet

Type gs followed by tab and then your underscore_separated property name to create a getter and setter method.

Alternatively, select some text and press shift+cmd+p and then type gs to automatically replace the selected text with the getter and setter methods completed for the text that was selected.

As an example, typing gs {tab} date_last_updated will produce:

     * Getter for date_last_updated
     * @return mixed
    public function getDateLastUpdated()
        return $this->date_last_updated;
     * Setter for date_last_updated
     * @param mixed $dateLastUpdated Value to set
     * @return self
    public function setDateLastUpdated($dateLastUpdated)
        $this->date_last_updated = $dateLastUpdated;
        return $this;


Three commands to tidy HTML, XML and JSON:

From Command Palette:

  • Tidy XML (ctrl+shift+x)
  • Tidy HTML (ctrl+shift+h)
  • Tidy JSON (ctrl+shift+j)

Some useful commands (accessed via cmd+shift+p)

  • Open Containing Folder to open a Finder window.
  • Open Terminal Here to open a Terminal at the directory where this file is.
  • Open Terminal at Project Folder to open a Terminal at the directory where the project is.

Terminal from Will Bond is required.