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Custom Speech-to-Text app for Season 2 of BBC 2's Big Life Fix.

This app is designed to work with just the device or a specially designed Raspberry Pi app and Bluetooth 7-mic array device - the Bobbycom.

Features include:

  • Uses Google's Speech-to-Text API.
  • Use on-device or specially designed Bluetooth 7-mic array device.
  • Add custom audio keywords that can be associated with a colour to set text on the screen and whom is speaking e.g. Banana -> John in Yellow.
  • Select any ASR language from the full list provided by Google.
  • Play/pause microphone capture.
  • Add common phrases to assist Google' ASR algorithm.
  • Continuous transcription despite 1 minute limit of API.
  • Clear the text.
  • Hide intermediate (prediction) text.


This app requires your own Google's Speech-to-Text API key available here.

You will need to setup a Google Cloud Platform account.


Keyword Colours Options

Getting Started

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the source code

$ git clone

  1. Install cocoapods
   $ cd ./subtitles
   $ chmod +x ./
   $ ./
  1. Open "Subtitles.xcworkspace" in Xcode

  2. Open Xcode's Preferences > Accounts and add your Apple ID

  3. In Xcode's sidebar select "Subtitles" and go to Targets > Subtitles > General > Identity and add a word to the end of the Bundle Identifier to make it unique. Also select/change your Apple ID in Signing > Team

  4. Connect your iPad or iPhone and select it in Xcode's Product menu > Destination

  5. Press CMD+R or Product > Run to install Subtitles

Build Fixes

At the time of development, the 2 frameworks that this project relied on had build issues.

BoringSSL as a dependency of the googleapis package

XCode 8.3 and onwards will complain about module.modulemap redefining the openssl module.

Solution: Comment out the file contents of module.modulemap.


If using Swift 3.2, there are 2 compilation errors for the Material framework.

Solution: Simply follow Xcode's instructions and accept the fixes.


Custom Speech-to-Text app for Season 2 of BBC 2's Big Life Fix.




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