Example setup for Network File System(NFS) using Vagrant and Virtualbox
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Example of setting up and mounting Network File System (NFS) across multiple apps

See it in action

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Make sure you have Vagrant and Virtual Box installed
  3. Navigate to this repo in your terminal and run vagrant up nfs
  4. Wait for it to come up and run vagrant up app1
  5. Wait for it to come up and run vagrant up app2
  6. SSH into app1 via vagrant ssh app1
  7. Navigate into /mnt/shared in app1
  8. Crate any test file using your favorit text editor
  9. Exit and ssh into app2 via vagrant ssh app2
  10. Navigate to /mnt/shared and you should see your file there
  11. Exit and ssh into the NFS server via vagrant ssh nfs
  12. Navigate to /home/vagrant/shared and confirm that your file is visible there as well.

There you have it, working NFS setup

Where is the magic?

The server setup is here and client setup is here