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HackNY Hack

Hey there Sports Fans. Welcome to our app. We show you videos from your Tumblr Dashboard feed in a Boxee app (that can also be run as a webpage). Yes, we're very proud of it. But there's also a couple things that don't quite work right. It's still a hackathon project after all...

For starters, we set this app up first and foremost to be a Boxee app and easily navigable via the settop remote. It works on a keyboard, using the arrow keys or the w-a-s-d quartet, but some things might not run perfectly the first time. We're aware of a couple of these issues and we're pretty receptive to problems. Send us an email or a pull request and we're happy to try and fix it.

Thanks and enjoy!

-The TumblrTV team (Eric, Emmett, Adam, and Yuriy)