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baconbird is a Twitter client for text terminals.

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README for baconbird
Andreas Krennmair <>

Baconbird is a Twitter client for text terminals.


You can download baconbird releases from the baconbird website:

The latest source code can be found on GitHub:

Baconbird depends on a number of software packages and libraries, which need to 
be installed beofre baconbird can be used.

- Perl (5.10 or newer):
- STFL (0.21 or newer):
- Perl modules:
	* Moose
	* Net::Twitter
	* WWW::Shorten
	* URI::Find
	* HTML::Strip
	* IO::Socket::SSL
	* Config::General
	* String::Format
	* autodie
	* IPC::System::Simple

Debian squeeze (and later) comes with ready-to-use packages for these 
dependencies. The required packages are: 
- libmoose-perl 
- libnet-twitter-perl 
- libwww-shorten-perl 
- liburi-find-perl 
- libhtml-strip-perl 
- libstfl-perl
- libio-socket-ssl-perl
- libconfig-general-perl
- libstring-format-perl
- libautodie-perl
- libipc-system-simple-perl


Installing baconbird is as simple as:

	perl Makefile.PL
	make install

The first command will generate a Makefile and check BaconBird's dependencies. 
The second command will prepare BaconBird for installation and generate 
documentation, while the third command will install BaconBird.

When using "make install", you have the usual parameters "prefix" and "DESTDIR" 
available to control where your program will be installed and where the 
installation files will be copied to.

Andreas Krennmair <>

Baconbird is licensed under the MIT/X Consortium License. See the file LICENSE
for further details.
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