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README for dyndnscd

dyndnscd is the dyndns client daemon. It is a daemon that continually polls for
IP address changes an in the event of a change, triggers an IP address update.
It is somewhat configurable.

You can find the latest version and the git repository of dyndnscd under the 
following URL:


dyndnscd is written in the fine programming language Go:
In addition to the Go environment, you need goconf, which you can install in 
your Go environment by typing "go get".

Currently, there is no installation routine. Build it by running "go build" and run
it with "./dyndnscd -f yourconfigfile". The following section describes how to 
configure dyndnscd.


The configuration file is a .ini-style file. Every section defines the IP 
polling mechanism with a configuration key named "type" (allowed values: 
"device", "ipbouncer"). The "device" type regularly polls the IPv4 address of a 
network device (specified by the configuration key "device"), while the 
"ipbouncer" regularly polls the IPv4 address by calling a bouncer URL. A bouncer 
URL returns the client's IP address as the only content of the response body, 
and is configured with the configuration key "bouncer_url".

The URL update is configured with the configuraton key "update_url". Simply 
write "<ip>" (no quotes) where the client IP shall be inserted. dyndnscd will 
replace it by IP and will do a GET request on the resulting URL.

To configure the polling interval, use the configuration key "interval" (defines 
the minimum amount of seconds between two polling attempts).

Example 1:

	type = ipbouncer
	bouncer_url =
	update_url =<ip>&wildcard=NOCHG&mx=NOCHG&backmx=NOCHG

Example 2:

	type = device
	device = eth0
	update_url =<ip>

In addition, you can globally configure the log method. By default, dyndnscd 
logs everything to stderr. If you configure

	log_method = syslog

then dyndnscd will log to syslog instead.

Andreas Krennmair <>

dyndnscd is licensed under the MIT/X Consortium License. See the file LICENSE 
for further details.
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