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=================== is a nano web application framework for Perl. Since everybody has 
written an own web application framework, I can do so, too.

What is

It's a nano web application framework, for two reasons:
1) it's supposed to be super-tiny, below 3kB and 100 SLOCs. This will probably change, 
   but not too much.
2) it depends on nothing but Perl core modules.

It's NOT supposed to be a full-featured, high-performance web application 

The principal idea is to quickly hack small CGI scripts in a style similar to 
Dancer, copy it to your cgi-bin directory, add one RewriteRule to your 
webserver configuration, and have a web application with simple request routing 
and shiny URLs.


First of all,

	use MeToo;

Then define your route handlers, in a style similar to Dancer:

	get "/" => sub {
		# ...

	post "/foo" => sub {
		# ...

	get "/get/(.*)" => sub {
		# match is in $_[0]

And finally, make your application available under a nice URL:

	RewriteRule ^/foo(.*)$ /cgi-bin/yourscript.cgi$1 [QSA,PT,L]

Every request to /foo... will now be passed to your application and handled by 
the route handlers. The routes are relative to the prefix that you defined in 
the RewriteRule.

For a more complete example, see sample.cgi, and for documentation, see 
MeToo.pod, which contains documentation in POD format.


Andreas Krennmair <>


See the LICENSE file for further license information.
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