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#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <configcontainer.h>
#include <matcher.h>
#include <mutex.h>
#include <utils.h>
#include <tr1/memory>
#include <tr1/unordered_map>
namespace newsbeuter {
typedef std::pair<std::string, matcher *> feedurl_expr_pair;
class cache;
class rss_feed;
class rss_item : public matchable {
rss_item(cache * c);
std::string title() const;
std::string title_raw() const { return title_; }
void set_title(const std::string& t);
inline const std::string& link() const { return link_; }
void set_link(const std::string& l);
std::string author() const;
std::string author_raw() const { return author_; }
void set_author(const std::string& a);
std::string description() const;
std::string description_raw() const { return description_; }
void set_description(const std::string& d);
void set_size(unsigned int size);
std::string length() const;
std::string pubDate() const;
inline time_t pubDate_timestamp() const {
return pubDate_;
void set_pubDate(time_t t);
bool operator<(const rss_item& item) const { return item.pubDate_ < this->pubDate_; } // new items come first
inline const std::string& guid() const { return guid_; }
void set_guid(const std::string& g);
inline bool unread() const { return unread_; }
void set_unread(bool u);
void set_unread_nowrite(bool u);
void set_unread_nowrite_notify(bool u, bool notify);
inline void set_cache(cache * c) { ch = c; }
inline void set_feedurl(const std::string& f) { feedurl_ = f; }
inline const std::string& feedurl() const { return feedurl_; }
inline const std::string& enclosure_url() const { return enclosure_url_; }
inline const std::string& enclosure_type() const { return enclosure_type_; }
void set_enclosure_url(const std::string& url);
void set_enclosure_type(const std::string& type);
inline bool enqueued() { return enqueued_; }
inline void set_enqueued(bool v) { enqueued_ = v; }
inline const std::string& flags() const { return flags_; }
inline const std::string& oldflags() const { return oldflags_; }
void set_flags(const std::string& ff);
void update_flags();
void sort_flags();
virtual bool has_attribute(const std::string& attribname);
virtual std::string get_attribute(const std::string& attribname);
void set_feedptr(std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_feed> ptr);
inline std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_feed> get_feedptr() { return feedptr; }
inline bool deleted() const { return deleted_; }
inline void set_deleted(bool b) { deleted_ = b; }
inline void set_index(unsigned int i) { idx = i; }
inline unsigned int get_index() { return idx; }
inline void set_base(const std::string& b) { base = b; }
inline const std::string& get_base() { return base; }
inline void set_override_unread(bool b) { override_unread_ = b; }
inline bool override_unread() { return override_unread_; }
inline void unload() { description_.clear(); }
std::string title_;
std::string link_;
std::string author_;
std::string description_;
time_t pubDate_;
std::string guid_;
std::string feedurl_;
bool unread_;
cache * ch;
std::string enclosure_url_;
std::string enclosure_type_;
bool enqueued_;
std::string flags_;
std::string oldflags_;
std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_feed> feedptr;
bool deleted_;
unsigned int idx;
std::string base;
bool override_unread_;
unsigned int size_;
class rss_feed : public matchable {
rss_feed(cache * c);
std::string title_raw() const { return title_; }
std::string title() const;
inline void set_title(const std::string& t) { title_ = t; utils::trim(title_); }
std::string description_raw() const { return description_; }
std::string description() const;
inline void set_description(const std::string& d) { description_ = d; }
inline const std::string& link() const { return link_; }
inline void set_link(const std::string& l) { link_ = l; }
inline std::string pubDate() const { return "TODO"; }
inline void set_pubDate(time_t t) { pubDate_ = t; }
inline std::vector<std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_item> >& items() { return items_; }
inline void add_item(std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_item> item) {
items_guid_map[item->guid()] = item;
inline void clear_items() {
inline void erase_items(std::vector<std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_item> >::iterator begin, std::vector<std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_item> >::iterator end) {
for (std::vector<std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_item> >::const_iterator it=begin;it!=end;++it) {
items_.erase(begin, end);
inline void erase_item(std::vector<std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_item> >::iterator pos) {
std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_item> get_item_by_guid(const std::string& guid);
std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_item> get_item_by_guid_unlocked(const std::string& guid);
inline const std::string& rssurl() const { return rssurl_; }
void set_rssurl(const std::string& u);
unsigned int unread_item_count();
inline unsigned int total_item_count() const { return items_.size(); }
void set_tags(const std::vector<std::string>& tags);
bool matches_tag(const std::string& tag);
std::string get_tags();
std::string get_firsttag();
virtual bool has_attribute(const std::string& attribname);
virtual std::string get_attribute(const std::string& attribname);
void update_items(std::vector<std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_feed> > feeds);
inline void set_query(const std::string& s) { query = s; }
bool is_empty() { return empty; }
void set_empty(bool t) { empty = t; }
void sort(const std::string& method);
void sort_unlocked(const std::string& method);
void remove_old_deleted_items();
void purge_deleted_items();
inline void set_rtl(bool b) { is_rtl_ = b; }
inline bool is_rtl() { return is_rtl_; }
inline void set_index(unsigned int i) { idx = i; }
inline unsigned int get_index() { return idx; }
inline void set_order(unsigned int x) { order = x; }
inline unsigned int get_order() { return order; }
void set_feedptrs(std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_feed> self);
std::string get_status();
inline void reset_status() { status_ = TO_BE_DOWNLOADED; }
inline void set_status(dl_status st) { status_ = st; }
void unload();
void load();
mutex item_mutex; // this is ugly, but makes it possible to lock items use e.g. from the cache class
std::string title_;
std::string description_;
std::string link_;
time_t pubDate_;
std::string rssurl_;
std::vector<std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_item> > items_;
std::tr1::unordered_map<std::string, std::tr1::shared_ptr<rss_item> > items_guid_map;
std::vector<std::string> tags_;
std::string query;
cache * ch;
bool empty;
bool is_rtl_;
unsigned int idx;
unsigned int order;
dl_status status_;
class rss_ignores : public config_action_handler {
rss_ignores() { }
virtual ~rss_ignores();
virtual void handle_action(const std::string& action, const std::vector<std::string>& params);
virtual void dump_config(std::vector<std::string>& config_output);
bool matches(rss_item * item);
bool matches_lastmodified(const std::string& url);
bool matches_resetunread(const std::string& url);
std::vector<feedurl_expr_pair> ignores;
std::vector<std::string> ignores_lastmodified;
std::vector<std::string> resetflag;
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