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- mark entries as read only when they've been on the screen _totally_ (like google reader)
- search function (?)
- fix entity decoding, and utf-8 handling in general
- write proper documentation
- check whether date parsing uses the correct timezone
- refactor XML pull parser (many redundancies)
ignore comments
join two subsequent text nodes separated by a comment
longteam goals to reach:
- support for atom (talk to mRss guy?) - implement by yourself?
- alternative: build own RSS/Atom parser based on own XML parser (build DOM parser from it first)
- add scripting support
- make script functions callable via key bindings
- clean up items that have been added but whose URL has been removed from the config file.
- key for directly jumping to next unread article.
- OPML import/export
- open link in browser
- cache items in local database (sqlite?)
used location:
~/.noos/urls -- the list of feed URLs
~/.noos/cache.db -- the feed and item cache
- optimize cache updates (every feed and every item needs something like a "dirty" flag)
- improve HTML rendering (write/use XML/HTML pull parser)
- configuration file
- fix the "foobar"/ issue in the XML pull parser
- fix display issues in test RSS file
- implement custom keybindings
- update status line to correct key mapping
- preliminary fix for the sort-by-date problem
- delete old entries _based_on_the_date_ (implement RFC 2822 parser!)
- add online help screen
- "next unread" error message must be shown differently
- save function
- use multithreading to download feeds so that simultaneous browsing/reading is possible.
- only one "reload-all" operation may run at once
- fix memleak (pthread_cleanup_push)
- set current path in filebrowser head
- set correct keymap hint in filebrowser
- reload feed from the itemlist
- "next unread" also for feedlist
- improve configuration parser (!!comments!!)
- implement "source view" in itemview.
- made feedlist head fancier
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