Newsbeuter is an open-source RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals.
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Newsbeuter Build Status Coverage Status

by Andreas Krennmair

Newsbeuter is an RSS feed reader for the text console. Zed Shaw called it "The Mutt of Feed Readers".

It is designed to run on Unix-like operating systems such as GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. NetBSD is currently not supported, due to technical limitations.


You can download the latest version of newsbeuter from the following website:

Alternatively, you can check out the latest version from the newsbeuter Git repository (hosted on GitHub):

git clone git://


Newsbeuter depends on a number of libraries, which need to be installed before newsbeuter can be compiled.

Debian unstable comes with ready-to-use packages for these dependencies.


Compiling and installing newsbeuter is as simple as:

make install

(And if you ever need to uninstall it, use make uninstall.)


If you're a developer, here's how you can run the test suite:

make -j5 PROFILE=1 all test
(cd test && TMPDIR=/dev/shm ./test --order rand)

Note the use of ramdisk as TMPDIR: some of our tests require temporary files, which degrades the performance quite a bit if TMPDIR isn't in-memory.


Andreas Krennmair



Newsbeuter is licensed under the MIT/X Consortium License. See the file LICENSE for further details.