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yocto is a minimalistic ncurses-based text editor. It is smaller than pico and nano.



yocto is a minimalistic ncurses-based text editor for Unix-like operating
systems. It is smaller than pico and nano.

To build and install yocto, simply run "make" and "make install".

Build dependencies:
- ncurses (tested with 5.4)


Here's a list of available keys:
Left               go to previous character
Right              go to next character
Down               go to next line
Up                 go to previous line
PageDown           go to next page
PageUp             go to previous page
Return             insert new line
Ctrl-A             go to begin of line
Ctrl-B             move current line to bottom of screen
Ctrl-C             copy text
Ctrl-D, DEL        delete character right of the cursor
Ctrl-E             go to end of line
Ctrl-F             find text
Ctrl-G             go to line
Ctrl-H, Backspace  delete character left of the cursor
Ctrl-I, TAB        insert TAB character
Ctrl-J             stop recording macro
Ctrl-K             delete text to end of line
Ctrl-L             redraw screen
Ctrl-M, RETURN     insert new line
Ctrl-N             go to next buffer
Ctrl-O             open file in new buffer
Ctrl-P             go to previous buffer
Ctrl-Q             quit editor
Ctrl-R             replay macro
Ctrl-S             save file
Ctrl-T             move current line to top of screen
Ctrl-U             start recording macro
Ctrl-V             paste text
Ctrl-W             save file as
Ctrl-X             cut text
Ctrl-Y             display information about current buffer
Ctrl-Z             move current line to center of screen

For feedback, don't hesitate to contact Andreas Krennmair <>.

For license information please see the file LICENSE.
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