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Odoo expert partner in Brazil and France since 2009; OCA co-founder


  1. l10n-brazil Public

    Forked from OCA/l10n-brazil

    fork técnico da localização brasileira OCA/l10n-brazil do Odoo onde Akretion, o criador e líder da localização desde 2009 trabalha para contribuir na OCA ou suportar casos específicos de alguns cli…

    Python 10 5

  2. Akretion addons to improve Odoo Community Edition + OCA usability

    Python 89 160

  3. docky Public

    Docky - Helper for docker-compose mainly used in odoo context

    Python 46 28

  4. pywebdriver Public

    Python Web Services to communicate wih Devices

    Python 72 57

  5. Misc Odoo modules maturing before going to a specific repo

    Python 18 28

  6. ooor Public

    Odoo Ruby JSON client. Emulates ActiveRecord enough (as much as Mongoid; Implements ActiveModel) to make Rails development with an Odoo datastore straightforward

    Ruby 190 60


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