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This module allows the importation of Google Spreadsheets into Odoo.

Important notes:

  • The header row is mandatory, and use the same syntax as the native Odoo CSV importation tool.
  • In order to upload importation errors into a Google Spreadsheet, you must title the first column of your Google sheet: "ERRORS".
  • In order to determine the rows to import the program check the length of the first column of data. In other words if the first column of data (not the "ERRORS" column) is empty the program raise an error (no data to import)
  • Empty columns (with even the header cell empty) are ignored.
  • Unknown model's columns are also ignored.
  • Chunk logic handle the one2many cases if the first column of data represent the relation (root entries not blank and child entries blank)


This module requires the following Python dependencies:

pip install pyOpenSSL
pip install 'oauth2client==1.5.1'
pip install gspread




(Work in progress)