A formal proof of Feteke's Lemma
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Feteke's Lemma

Let X(n) be a sequence of ℝ. This sequence is called subadditive if ∀ n,m (n < m → X(n+m) ⩽ X(n)+X(m)).

Feteke's lemma is the statement that for a subadditive sequence X(n), the infimum and the limit of the the sequence X(n)/n are equal. This should be understood in the way, that if one of them exists the other exists, too.

For more details see Wikipedia|Subadditivity. Feteke's lemma is the main ingredient for Kingman's Subadditive Ergodic Theorem.

Formal proof

The formal proof was developed in LEAN 0.2.

ak_utils.lean contains proofs of some facts which might be useful in other proofs, too. ak_compat.lean contains some fact from an earlier version of lean on which this proof depends.

© Alexander Kreuzer 2016, 2017

Old address (https://akreuzer@gitlab.com/akreuzer/feteke-lean.git)