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Daily Erosion Project (DEP)

Herein lies the Iowa State University Daily Erosion Project (version 2). This code base encompasses the processing of locally generated inputs into formats that the WEPP Model.

Much of this code is highly custom to what our project aims to do, but hopefully some of it is useful for your inspiration. In general, the code folders are as such:

  • admin mostly unused website admin/ interface
  • config website configuration files
  • data un-versioned local input data files
  • database Postgresql database schema management
  • docs some more documentation
  • htdocs website folder root
  • include mostly PHP include files for the website functionality
  • prj2wepp installation/support files for the usage of prj2wepp, which allows for some preprocessing of WEPP inputs
  • scripts much of the processing magic happens here
  • src source code trees for WEPP as some additional code modifications have been made by this project

So this code base makes two general assumptions that may be necessary for your local usage.

  1. This code resides at /opt/dep
  2. The file storage of input and output data for this project resides at /i/<scenario>

Concept of Scenarios

The DEP has generated output for a number of scenarios. These scenarios vary inputs to some extent with each scenario code representing some realization. These codes are numeric values starting at zero. Scenario 0 represents the "production" run of DEP that you find on the website.

Structure of the /i directory tree

  • cli -- climate files generated from scripts/cligen/
  • env -- erosion output from scripts/RT/
  • man -- management files generated by scripts/import/
  • prj -- WEPP project files generated by scripts/import/
  • run -- WEPP run files generated by scripts/RT/
  • slp -- Slope files generated by scripts/import/
  • sol -- Soil files generated by scripts/import/
  • sol_input -- input soil files from David James
  • wb -- WEPP output water balance files generated by scripts/RT/

Project Notes

  1. We utilize EPSG:5070 (USGS CONUS Albers) as our GIS projection of choice for work.


Iowa Daily Erosion Project (version 2)




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