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/* Catch phrases, hehe */
$phrases = Array(
"Over 1 billion observations collected",
"View images from <a href=\"$rooturl/current/camera.phtml\">20+ webcameras</a>",
"Plot carbon and radiation <a href=\"$rooturl/nstl_flux/plots.phtml\">flux time series</a>",
"<a href=\"$rooturl/climodat/\">Climodat</a> reports are a great source of Iowa climate data",
"The <a href=\"$rooturl/GIS/\">GIS</a> page has everything GIS on the IEM",
"<a href=\"$rooturl/mailman/listinfo/dailyb\">Sign up</a> for the <a href=\"$rooturl/data/iemdb.txt\">IEM Daily Bulletin</a>",
"View live <a href=\"$rooturl/plotting/snet/1station_1min.php\">1 minute timeseries</a> from SchoolNet",
"Relax and enjoy some <a href=\"$rooturl/cool/\">Cool Stuff</a>",
"Trying to find station locations? Try the <a href=\"$rooturl/sites/networks.php\">network tables</a> app",
"View current <a href=\"$rooturl/roads/\">Iowa Road Conditions</a>",
); ?>
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