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$TITLE = "IEM | Site Software";
<div class="text">
<P>The work of the IEM server is not accomplished magically. Here is a listing
of some of the software utilized to make the IEM work.<p>
<h3 class="subtitle"><a class="noul" href="">RedHat Linux</a></h3>
A very robust distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system.<p>
<h3 class="subtitle"><a class="noul" href="">PostgreSQL Database</a></h3>
Open-Source database software that stores IEM data.<p>
<h3 class="subtitle"><a class="noul" href="">PostGIS</a></h3>
Spatial datablade for PostgreSQL.<p>
<h3 class="subtitle"><a class="noul" href="">Apache Web-Server</a></h3>
Open-Source web server.<p>
<h3 class="subtitle"><a class="noul" href="">PHP</a></h3>
PHP is a server-side scripting languauge for dynamically generating HTML.<p>
<h3 class="subtitle"><a class="noul" href="">JPGraph</a></h3>
PHP add-on that generates plots for the web-site.<p>
<h3 class="subtitle"><a class="noul" href="">Python</a></h3>
Versatile scripting language used for CGI scripts, DB access scripts, and system
<h3 class="subtitle"><a class="noul" href="">GNU Mailman</a></h3>
Email list management and archive software.</div>
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