How to Create a Wallet

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The Akroma Web Wallet can be used to manage $AKA and tokens created on the Akroma platform. You can learn more about the Akroma Platform at:

IMPORTANT: Read Me First.

  • You are responsible for your wallet file and your password.
  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to recover your wallet file or password.
  • Do NOT lose your wallet file.
  • Do NOT lose your password.

Step 1

Visit -

Create Wallet

Step 2

Chose a passsword that you will remember. This password is used to ENCRYPT your wallet.

Enter a password

Step 3

Download and save your wallet file to your computer.

Download Wallet

Step 4

Print a paper copy of your wallet. If you lose the file and password; you can use this paper copy to access your funds.

Print Paper Wallet

Step 5

Accessing your funds can be done by selecting the keystore file and entering your password.

How to access

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