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Cashflow Relay Testnet

For frontend (in root folder)

Install all dependencies

  • npm i install frontend and contracts dependencies

Compile c2fc contracts

  • npm run compile-contract for compile c2fc contract

To start locally

  • npm run dev for development environment in watch mode
  • npm run prod for production environment in watch mode

To build locally (see build folder)

  • npm run build:dev for development environment without watch mode
  • npm run build:prod for production environment without watch mode

To start bundle analyzer

  • npm run analyze:dev for development environment
  • npm run analyze:prod for production environment

For contracts (in ethereum-contracts folder)

Install all dependencies

  • npm i install contracts dependencies

To start ethereum network locally

  • npm run ganache-cli for start network
  • npm run ganache-cli -- -b 3 for start network with arguments

To build and deploy contracts

  • npm run compile-contracts for build contracts
  • npm run deploy-contracts for deploy contracts
  • npm run compile-deploy-contracts for build and deploy contracts

To start test

  • npm test or npm t for start test, before that you need start network (npm run ganache-cli)

We use

  • Drizzle For handles instantiating web3 and contracts, fetching accounts, and keeping all of this data in sync with the blockchain.
  • Ox protocol - that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Typescript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Redux-saga for side-effects
  • Material-UI