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Example implementations for paper "Projections for Approximate Policy Iteration" paper
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Example implementation of key algorithms of paper Projections for Approximate Policy Iteration Algorithms [1].

The file implements Alg. 2 of the paper. It takes as input a linear-Gaussian policy and projects it to another policy that has KL divergence w.r.t. a target policy, smaller than a threshold.

The file implements a policy with an embedded strict entropy inequality constraint, to ensure that the entropy of a policy never goes below a threshold. This code can easily be extended to enforce a strict entropy equality constraint by replacing self.chol = tf.cond(ent < tent, lambda: self.chol * tf.exp((tent - ent) / act_dim), lambda: self.chol) with self.chol = self.chol * tf.exp((tent - ent) / act_dim).


[1] Akrour, R.; Pajarinen, J.; Neumann, G.; Peters, J. (2019). Projections for Approximate Policy Iteration Algorithms. Proceedings of the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML).

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