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My Undergraduate Project in which I make a radio working over Internet
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Raspberry PI-based Internet Radio

It is my one of mandatory undergraduate projects in which radio stations being able to stream over IP/URL can be listened. Detailed explanation follows. (If the following photo doesn't appear, click here)

enter image description here

Project's Language



  • KY040 Rotary Encoder
  • 10K Potentiometer
  • Raspberry PI Zero W or any version of Raspberry no matter
  • 20 x 4 LCD Display
  • 12V Amplifier PAM 8610 Stereo
  • (8Ω / 10W) x 2 Speaker
  • ~240V or whatever in your country to 5V and 12V converter power suppliers (their quality is important since there is need to be regulated to prevent noise yet I use mobile phone 5V adapter to run my Raspberry PI Zero W)
  • MCP3008 analog to digital converter microchip

Prerequisite softwares

  • amixer
  • mplayer


The following files involve required codes. ⇒ LCD display ⇒ KY040's codes with child process which is Mplayer ⇒ Potentiometer ⇒ Read and reserve urls which are in urls.txt

urls.txt ⇒ Radio Station's IPs or URLs

How it works

Firstly, remember one of the rule of thumbs:

Don't reinvent the wheel

The fact that there are applications of the components means we can use instructions existing already KY040's module and how to connect it --- For 10K potentiometer(volume). Lastly, 20x4 LCD Display

We need to create a subprocess by forking and to communicate with the child running mplayer via PIPE. What we need from mplayer is

  • Station Name
  • Track Artist
  • Track Name

Then we parse and write the information into FIFO created to communicate with LCD display.

Steps and Photos

You can glance at photos what I did overall on its album.


I very too much like and interested in Object-Oriented Programming Concept and Design Patterns, nonetheless, I (couldn't)didn't follow my intention for this project thereby feeling me bad for the case :/

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