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Google Spreadsheet plug-in to batch email, using Google Docs templates. You can easily design your template using a Google Doc and use it to send batch emails


How to install?

  • In your spreadsheet, from the Tools menu, navigate to the Script Editor
  • Name the project, add the 4 source files provided here
  • Navigate back to your spreadsheet: you'll see a new option automated-mailing under the Add-ons menu

How to use?

  • Pick a template file from the dropdown; Template files are Google Docs in the same folder, with the delimited variable values
  • Make a selection from the spreadsheet, selecting the values you want to populate
  • Make sure:
    • A column with Email header exists
    • Headers are provided and correspond to the variables in your template docs
    • Your selected range doesn't include the headers
  • Click on Get Content
  • Click Next after verifying the information is correct
  • Add email details and click Email Preview to see a sample mail
  • Click Batch Email to send all emails!
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