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Automated gitbook publishing from Github to gh-pages
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This module helps publish a Gitbook to gh-pages using the command gitpub

What it does

Once installed, the gitpub command is automatically available. Running the command:

  • Builds the gitbook using gitbook build
  • Checks out to the gh-pages branch
  • Deletes the previous version in gh-pages
  • Extracts the files from the book folder and places them outside
  • Commits the new version to gh-pages


  • Install the package: npm install gitbook-publish@latest
  • Navigate to the branch that contains all the markdown files for your Gitbook
  • Delete the gh-pages branch if it already exists
  • Run command: gitpub

Integration with Travis

An example file for Travis Integration. The USER_NAME, GITHUB_TOKEN and GITHUB_REPO environement variables will need to be set in the Travis environment.

    language: node_js
      - "6"
      - npm install gitbook-cli
      - npm install gitbook-publish@latest
      - gitpub
      - git branch
      - git remote -v
      - git config --global ""
      - git config --global "Akshata"
      - git push --force "https://{USER_NAME}:${GITHUB_TOKEN}${GITHUB_REPO}" gh-pages 

Future Improvements

  • Add flag to push with github username and password
  • Automatically detech if gh-pages exists
  • Inbuilt Travis Integration
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