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An app to keep track of your current reads and make notes


This project uses the Goodreads API and will require the Goodreads Developer and Secret key. These maybe acquired from -

In build.gradle file at the app level, a Goodreads Developer and Secret key will need to be added in place of the dummy-strings

    it.buildConfigField 'String', 'GOODREADS_DEVELOPER_KEY', "\"--dummy-dev-key--\""
    it.buildConfigField 'String', 'GOODREADS_DEVELOPER_SECRET', "\"-dummy-secret-key--\""

External Libraries

  • java-json: To convert the xml output from the Goodreads API to JSON
  • Picasso: To load images


Main Activity

Displays your current reads along with your notes using a ViewPager

Search & Search Results Activity

Used to search for your books and add them to your current reads

Archives (Statistics Activity)

Used to store books that have been completed


The widget provides a list of your current reads with the number of notes in each

Google Play Services

  • Google AdMob
  • Google Analytics
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