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A utility tool for checking Flight Schedule!
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A simple utility script which will show the flight schedule between any two airports.

Modules required:

  • Selenium:

    • It can be installed using sudo pip install selenium or sudo apt-get install python-selenium.
  • Bs4:

    • It can be installed using sudo pip install bs4 or sudo apt-get install python-bs4.

It is implemented using the BeautifulSoup module of bs4 and the webdriver module of selenium to scrape data from this website.

How to use: The script will show the flights between two airports on a specific dates as entered by the user, along with the Departure time, Arrival time, Duration and the price (per adult). The script shows results for both one-way journey and round-trip journey.

To run the script: Type python from your terminal.

All the flight results will be displayed on the terminal, as well as saved in a file called search_result.txt in the same directory.

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