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A project to make an intelligent warehouse management system which optimises a warehouse helping in reducing labour costs and space wasted while also increasing efficiency and space. Our project helps keep track of the shipments which come in and out of the warehouse, the highest selling products, the recently added products and also aimed to re…
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AAGS- Intelligent Warehouse Management System

Second runner up winner in VinHack by VinnovateIT

Problem Statement:

Industries like e-commerce, retail, food and pharmaceuticals face a major issue of warehouse space optimization for stacking their products. These industries manufacture and store products of different shapes and sizes and have to spend extensive resources to allocate warehouse space and keep a track of the product whereabouts. There is a need for an intelligent warehouse management system that will:

                       1)Optimize & Allocate Warehouse Space For Different Products. 

                       2)Simplify Product Tracking & Retrieving Process To Reduce/ Eliminate Errors.

Approach Needed:

We intend to come up with an all rounded solution to optimize indoor tracking and optimize the warehouse space. Our solution consists of a mixture of IT and IoT to deliver the expected results and live up to our needs. We intend to use the mentioned methods to solve all the previously mentioned problems.

Our Solutions:

A few features that we are incorporating into our project are:

                       1)Display the latest sales.
                       2)Highest selling product.
                       3)Total sales.
                       4)Categories of products available.
                       5)Recently added products.
                       6)Stock storage optimization.
                       7)Stock prediction (what to buy next).

Check out our demo video at:

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