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Winner of the IBM Challenge in AngelHack Bangalore 2019

Translate YOUR language to COMPUTER language!

What is magiCode?

magiCode is an educative technology which helps students learn, compete and earn.

Ever faced these problems?

  1. You may be an expert at a particular language: Say Python, C++, JavaScript or even Swift.
    You're solving an online contest on HackerRank but a particular question supports only few premium languages and hence you're not able to top the leaderboard.
    You know that a string needs to be input followed by a 'if condition', but don't know the syntax.
  • In C++ it'll be:
char a[20];
if (strcmp(a,"hello world")==0){
  cout<<"\n The strings match!";
  • In Python the same would be:
if a=='hello world':
  print('The strings match!)
  1. You learnt something new while coding something and do not have appropriate resources or don't know where to pratice and implement what you learnt.

  2. Wanted to buy cool techie gear and schwags but don't want to waste any money.

The magiCode advantage:

  • Ask magiCode what you need generally like 'i need an if condition' , 'perform addition for me'. There's no need to remember any more syntaxes!
  • magiCode will give you the required code in the language initially selected while also having the option of numerous other languages.
  • Run the code from the compiler to get desired result in the same place!
  • Easy to use and fast processing.
  • Save time from scrolling through Google searching for different answers and syntaxes by having everything come up on its own in one single page.
  • Compete and implement what you tried out (at the practice page) on our contest page to make sure you understood it in the form of various language specific questions.
  • Earn Hackos while learning- learn and earn.
  • Redeemn Hackos to buy cool schwag from our store.

Business model:

magiCode is a zero investment product (excluding server and development costs) since it doesn't need any extra hardware devices to be used .

  • Our major source of income will be Ad Revenues from Advertisements on our website.
  • Basic languages like C++, Java, Python, JavaScript etc will be made free to use for everyone. Premium languages like Swift, php, Go, Ruby, Rust, etc will be sold as language packs.

Target audience:

"Students"- We believe learning has no age.

Technologies used:

  1. HTML/ CSS/ Bootstrap.
  2. JavaScript.
  3. Sphere Engine API.
  4. C++.
  5. Swift.
  6. Python.
  7. PHP.
  8. Java.
  9. IBM Watson.
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