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English Version Of Travian T4 by EBda with sum fixes
PHP JavaScript
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Finish building with gold
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GameEngine the armory no exist in v4, only exist blacksmith with 2 funtions
Templates Update Templates/Building.tpl
admin English Translation
gpack First Commit
img First Commit
install English Translation
.htaccess First Commit
AC_OETags.js First Commit
README First Commit
a2b.php English Translation
activate.php First Commit
ajax.php First Commit
allianz.php English Translation
anmelden.php First Commit
berichte.php English Translation
build.php First Commit
celebration.php First Commit
cn.php English Translation
contact.php English Translation
crypt-lowres.js First Commit
crypt.js English Translation
crypt_t4.js English Translation
do.php English Translation
dorf1.php First Commit
dorf2.php First Commit
dorf3.php First Commit
gametour.php English Translation
help.php First Commit
hero.php English Translation
hero_adventure.php English Translation
hero_auction.php English Translation
hero_body.php First Commit
hero_image.php First Commit
hero_inventory.php English Translation
hero_inventory3.php English Translation
index.php First Commit
karte.php First Commit
karte2.php First Commit
login.php English Translation
logout.php First Commit
manual.php First Commit
massmessage.php First Commit
medals.php First Commit
moregames.php English Translation
mt-core.js English Translation
mt-full.js English Translation
mt-more.js English Translation
nachrichten.php English Translation
new.js English Translation
new2.js English Translation
password.php First Commit
plus.php First Commit
position_details.php First Commit
rules.php First Commit
spieler.php English Translation
startRaid.php First Commit
statistiken.php English Translation
sysmsg.php English Translation
terms.php First Commit
test.php First Commit
test22.php First Commit
tutorial.php English Translation
uncrypt.js English Translation
unx.js First Commit
w2.jpg English Translation
warsim.php English Translation


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