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Biddu: Realtime auctions with analytics and assistant Watson! [hackathon]
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Hackathon Winner - won an iPhone 6 :D

Video demo

Live link - trial expired

note: the live link is hosted on a trial bluemix account. If it doesn't open anymore open an issue and I'll set up some alternative hosting.


1.Create a bluemix instance with node.js template. give a name to it say 'myapp'. will use 'myapp' for rest of the steps.

install cloud foundry online tool.

2.add text-to speech, trade off analytics to myapp. --both of above can be done using dashboard or the cloud foundry tool

3.add compose for mongodb database from dashboard. create a mongodb database from compose dashboard and create a user.

3.apply compose settings from dashboard with environment variable "MONGO_URL"using cloudfoundry tool. eg. (substitute your created username and password which you created in compose)

cf set-env myapp MONGO_URL 'mongodb://<username>:<password>@yourdatabaseurlfromcomposedashboard'

In the project directory

4.connect to bluemix

cf api

5.login using your ibm credentials

cf login

  1. To deploy run cf push myapp -b

access the app from the url seen in dashboard

iPhone/Apple devices:

  1. you must have a mac for this. No need for developer account however since you can run app locally for free in xcode 7.
  2. Install meteor tool
  3. from project directory meteor run ios-device --mobile-server https://my-deployed-app-url-from-dashboard --settings ./settings.json settings parameter is optional

This will open a xcode project from where you can run the app simulator or your device.


currently facebook and google oauth redirect urls are set for my app. i.e they wont run on a url other than "" to fix this create your own facebook/google/twitter appId and keys for oauth and replace them in server/startup.js

Amazon s3 is used to store images for auctions. you need to put in your s3 credentials or the app will select a random image from public folder. to do this create a new file settings.json in project root.

	"facebook": {
		"appId": "",
		"secret": ""
	"twitter": {
		"consumerKey": "",
		"secret": ""
	"google": {
		"clientId": "",
		"secret": ""
	"AWS": {
		"AWSAccessKeyId": "your key",
		"AWSSecretAccessKey": "secret"
	"deploy": "true"
  • then set this json as environment variable named "METEOR_SETTINGS" using cf env command from cloud foundry tool.
  • now restage your app with cf restage myapp for settings to take effect.
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