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DataLogger is a Bluetooth LE streamer and an HTTP server.

Table of Contents

1. Requirements

  1. Qt Framework - download it from Qt
  2. conan - package manager - pip install conan (Python 3.6+ is needed)
  3. Xcode (only on mac)
  4. Visual Studio 2019 with C++ (only on windows)

2. Using conan Package Manager

This project depends on the following external library and they need to be installed first using conan from terminal

Package Name Instillation Instruction
Eigen 3.3.9 conan install eigen/3.3.9@

These packages are predefined in conanfile.txt, before running the application do - conan install .

3. Instillation

This code depends on Qt 5.15 and this can be downloaded from Qt.

From the maintenance tool, make sure you have the following selected (under Qt 5.15.*):

  1. macOS (only in mac)
  2. MSVC 2019 64-bit (only in windows)
  3. Sources
  4. Qt Charts
  5. Qt Debug Information files

And under Developer and Designer Tools, select:

  1. Qt Creator <version> Debug Symbols
  2. Qt Installer framework <version> (this is only required if you want to distribute the software)
  3. CMake <version>
  4. Ninja <version>

Note: version means, whatever the current version is in use.

Warning: this application uses OpenGL, make sure you have a compatible hardware for it.

4. Usage

  1. Open Qt Creator (the IDE that comes with Qt), File -> Open File or Project... then select DataLogger/ folder.
  2. The IDE should be able to automatically detect CMakeLists.txt file and open a configuration view, make sure you select the a configuration that looks like - Desktop Qt 5.15.* <build type> - <build type> could be clang 64bit (mac) or msvc 64-bit (windows).
  3. Clicking on the play button (bottom left) should run the program and open a GUI.

4.1. Streaming Data Over UDP

After clicking Stream Data button, all the data will be streamed via http://localhost:45454. Clicking on the same button will stop streaming.

4.2. Writing to File

The default location is the Desktop and the file name is in the format of DataLogger-<date and time in GMT>. Write to File is a toggle button, clicking it once will write to file and clicking it again will stop it.