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A Spiking Neural Network framework with SNNML parser written in Python
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Spike Encoders

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Spike encoders for Spiking Neural Network.

This package consists of two types of spike encoders for spatio-temporal data:

  1. Threshold Based Representation (TBR) encoder
  2. Bens Spiker Algorithm (BSA) encoder


The data given to the encoders are spatio-temporal. Each sample is one csv file. In each file, every column is a feature and the rows are time points.

For example each file given in the Data folder had 128 rows and 14 columns, 14 columns are the features and 128 columns are the data points.


pip install pyspikes


from spikes import encoder
from spikes.utility import ReadCSV

data = ReadCSV('Data').get_samples()['samples']

bsa = encoder.BSA(data)

tbr = encoder.TBR(data)


All contributions are welcome.


Issues can be opened through Github's Issues tab.

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