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Gollahalli Micro CMS

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Warning: Master branch is not production ready (yet) ⚠️. Use Django-Python-3, to create your website based on JSON. If you like PHP then see PHP5 branch.



I have been sick of complicated CMS, so I set out to develop a micro-CMS. A very simple one-page website creator that supports Django Templates and GraphQL API calls.

For extra security, I have included Authy's two-factor authentication with Django's built-in user authentication system.



Running Locally (Development)

If you want to test how it works, you might want to install PostgreSQL from, because I have used JSON field inside the models, which will only work on PostgreSQL.

Then search for plsql and type in the following SQL query to create the user and the table

CREATE DATABASE gollahalli_v3_django;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "gollahalli_v3_django" to gollahalli;

Once you have created the user and database, install these dependencies (Python 3.5 or 3.6)

See requirements.txt

Now, clone the repo and open your cmd or terminal. Change to the cloned directory and type in the following commands.

python makemigration
python collectstatic

Also, create a superuser by typing in

python createsuperuser

If there are no errors, then type in

python runserver


This library heavily depends on the following services:

  1. Heroku (web deployment)
  2. Amazon AWS S3 (storage) - That's because Heroku doesnt provide storage system.
  3. Authy (Two-factor authentication)
  4. Cloudinary (Optional, for images)
  5. PostgreSQL (database)

GraphQL as an API

Content coming soon.

Template Usage

Content coming soon.

Regular Pages

Content coming soon.

Google AMP

Content coming soon.


Provided under MIT License.