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Release Exporter



This CLI exports your project releases to a markdown based on keep a changelog and markdownlint and JSON, it currently supports GitHub and GitLab.


pip install release-exporter

Or download this repository and type in the following in your terminal/cmd

python install


In your terminal/cmd, change to the folder where your repository is located and do the following:

rex --token <your token> markdown

That's it. You should see a in your folder.

Advance Usage

Release exporter has the following options

Usage: rex [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

    --token TEXT      Token number if its a private repository.
    --url TEXT        URL of your repository. This is optional if your current
                    directory has .git folder with remote url.
    --location TEXT   Local location of your repository.
    --universal TEXT  Create a global settings file. Defaults to True.
    --help            Show this message and exit.

    all       Creates change log for all formats.
    init      Creates .rex file.
    json      Creates JSON file.
    markdown  Creates markdown file.
    rst       Creates reStructuredText file.

If you don't have a repository on your computer, but you still want to generate a change log you can manually add your repository URL as follows:

rex markdown --token <your token> --url <your url>

If you have your repository in a different location and you are lazy (like me) to change into that directory, get the absolute path of your repository add it to the --location <location>.

rex --token <your token> --location <absolute path>

You can also export your releases to JSON file by just replacing markdown with json. The output looks something like this:

    "repositoryName": "release-exporter",
    "provider": "",
    "owner": "akshaybabloo",
    "repoUrl": "",
    "totalTags": 2,
    "data": [
            "tagName": "Unreleased",
            "description": "",
            "createdAt": "",
            "compareUrl": ""
            "tagName": "v1.0.1",
            "description": "### Added\n- Unreleased tag added to the template and GitHub\n- Unreleased tag added to GitHub\n\n### Fixed\n- Tag missing in GitHub JSON fixed\n- Tag missing in GitLab JSON fixed",
            "createdAt": "2018-01-16",
            "compareUrl": ""
            "tagName": "v1.0",
            "description": "Initial release.",
            "createdAt": "2018-01-15",
            "compareUrl": null

Note: The Unreleased tag is not counted in totalTags.

Problems you might encounter

If you are using rex on your repository folder or if you are using --location you might get an error saying that there are duplicate keys, this is because sometimes the file .git/config has more than one [remote "origin"]. In such case, it is best to give the URL of your repository by giving --url <repo URL>.