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1. Spark

By default, a dark and responsive Hugo theme. Typography used is Space Mono, monospace. I have designed this theme specifically for researchers or PhD candidates but anyone can use it.


Note: Working example of this theme can be found at

Table of Content


1.1. Features

  • Responsive, uses UiKit v3
  • Suitable for researchers, PhD candidates, personal website and bloggers
  • Disqus support
  • Google Ads support (Only for blogs) and AMP blogs
  • Google Analytics support with event tracking
  • Uses SASS/SCSS, no NodeJS needed
  • Can change the colour of the theme
  • Education and experience data files
  • Search index json file (with Algolia support)
  • Custom sitemap with images support, custom stylesheet, priority and change frequency
  • Structured data for website and blogs
  • With blog pagination and categories
  • Support for external links in blog
  • AMP Support
    • Blog contents now support AMP
  • For production, HUGO_ENV must be set to production, so that Google Analytics can work.
  • SEO
    • Optimised for search engine
    • Custom schemas
  • Uses FiraCode with font ligatures for code block
  • Option to convert JS/CSS to inline code
  • You can add global banner to HTML page
  • Support for cloudflare insights
  • Customised sponsor link

1.2. Quick Start

From the root of your Hugo site, clone the theme into themes/Spark by running:

# Clone theme into the themes/cocoa directory
$ git clone themes/Spark

1.3. Usage

1.3.1. Configuration

Please see the configuration here. This theme is built on Hugo v0.55+.

baseURL = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Akshay Raj Gollahalli"
theme = "Spark"

googleAnalytics = "UA-74123356-1" # Optional
disqusShortname = "gollahalli-com" # Optional
pygmentsCodeFences = true
enableRobotsTXT = true
enableEmoji = true

    style = "dracula"

    mediaType= "application/json"
    baseName= "searchindex"
    isPlainText= true
    mediaType= "text/plain"
    baseName= "ads"
    isPlainText= true
#  [outputFormats.AMP]
#    permalinkable = false

  home = ["HTML", "RSS", "AMP", "searchindex", "ads"]
  page = ["HTML", "RSS", "AMP"]
  section = ["HTML", "RSS", "AMP"]

    googleAds = "7450383714878520" # Optional, ignore "ca-pub-"
    amp = true
    year = 2020
    github = "" # Optional
    linkedin = "" # Optional
    twitter = "" # Optional
    email = "" # Optional
#    pgp = "3570 2F7C E0CF 2579 BF7D 05DD A603 9E24 179E E13D" # Optional
    # logoSVG = "img/logo.svg" # # Use logoSVG or logo. Optional
    # logo = "" # Use logoSVG or logo. Optional
    namedLogo = "/img/logo.svg"
    logoPhoto = "/img/akshay.jpg" # Use logoSVG or logo or logoPhoto. Optional
    algoliaAppId = "UT1XVMZE1Q"
    algoliaApiKey = "fadcde84f1cdaf165d51c20a50336188"
    algoliaIndexName = "gollahalli-website"
    thumbnailUrl = "/img/akshay.jpg"
    acknowledge = false
    convertAssetsToInline = false  # Converts external assets into minified inline assets
    cloudflareInsight = "83b998816e3e4417be0a7582d7645cd3"
        enable = true
        link = ""
        body = "Stay home, protect yourself and everyone around you from COVID-19. For more information see - <a href=''></a>"
        type = "danger"
        icon = ""
        primary = "#c9cacc"
        secondary = "#c9cacc"
        backgroundColor = "#1a202c"
        backgroundColorLight = "#0d2d42"
        textColor = "#c9cacc"
        subTextColor = "gray"
        globalFontFamilyURL = ",700" # Not used yet. See
        globalFontFamily = "'Roboto Mono', monospace"
        labelBackgroundColor = "#e2e8f0"
        labelTextColor = "#1a202c"
        headers = "#fc8181"

1.3.2. Front Matter

I have divided this theme into four (kinda strict way) ways:

  1. about - Write about yourself, this page also uses Education.json and Experience.json data files.
  2. blog - Lists out unique tags only related to blog and has ads associated with it.
  3. projects - You can link to external website.
  4. sitemap.xml - With images and ignores url.

For this reason the front matter is somewhat unique to each of them. All Pages

  1. When you use images: [] the first index will be taken as the thumbnail image for the meta tag, if not thumbnailUrl = "/img/akshay.jpg" under [params] is taken into consideration. about Page

No unique front matter as such but I do use the Education.json and Experience.json data files, see here for how they are formatted. blog Page

New front matter as ads: false (by default), make sure you have googleAds under [params]. projects Page

projectCategory: "" is where you give the category of the project (duh!) the list.html page is grouped by this. sitemap.xml page

  - imageLoc: "/image1.png"
    imageCaption: "It's caption"
  - imageLoc: "/image2.png"
    imageCaption: "It's caption"

The image title is taken as the page title {{ .Title }}. searchindex.json Search Index

Make sure you add the following in your config.toml file for searchindex.json to generate:

    mediaType= "application/json"
    baseName= "searchindex"
    isPlainText= true

  home= ["HTML","RSS", "searchindex"]

1.3.3. Data files

There are two data files that can be used to print out your education and experiences. Education.json


  "Education": [
      "title": "Title of degree",
      "where": "name of university, location",
      "from": "yyyy",
      "to": "yyyy"
} Experience.json


  "Experience": [
      "title": "title of job",
      "company": "company name.",
      "where": "location",
      "from": "yyyy-mm-dd",
      "to": "yyyy-mm-dd",

If the current is set to true or if to set to Present, the block is highlighted.

1.4. Development

For theme changes, I am using Hugo's SCSS build capabilities (no need of NodeJS) at custom.scss. All PR's are accepted as far as they follow the OSS standards.

UiKit v3 is still in beta, I'll update them whenever there are any new updates available.

Didn't bother to decorate _default/list.html but PRs are welcome.

1.5. License

Licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more details.