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uHugo is a CLI tool to install and update Hugo binary as well as updating any cloud providers


uHugo depends on Python 3.6+, on your terminal:

pip install uhugo

Once installed you can test it by:

uhugo --version


uHugo provides two main commands - install and update


Using uhugo install, will download the latest binary file from Hugo's repository and adds it to $HOME/bin folder. You can force install by using uhugo install --force.

Note: Make sure you have $HOME/bin in your $PATH environment variable

uhugo install


Using uhugo update, will update the current binary to the latest one. You can use --to flag to specify the version you want to rather update to. Example uhugo update --to 0.80.0

uhugo update


Providers can be used to update Hugo environment variables or configuration files of a cloud provider. See the provider docs for more information.