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Hindi Alphabet classifier using convnet
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Devanagiri Recognition

This code helps you classify different alphabets of hindi language (Devanagiri) using Convnets


Code Requirements

You can install Conda for python which resolves all the dependencies for machine learning.


This code successfully recognizes hindi characters.

Technique Used

I have used convolutional neural networks. I am using Tensorflow as the framework and Keras API for providing a high level of abstraction.


CONV2D --> MAXPOOL --> CONV2D --> MAXPOOL -->FC -->Softmax--> Classification

Some additional points

  1. You can go for additional conv layers.
  2. Add regularization to prevent overfitting.
  3. You can add additional images to the training set for increasing the accuracy.

Python Implementation

  1. Dataset- DHCD (Devnagari Character Dataset)
  2. Images of size 32 X 32
  3. Convolutional Network Support added.

Train Acuracy ~ 95%

Test Acuracy ~ 92%

Execution for writing through webcam

To run the code, type python

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