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Terraform provider for MongoDB Atlas.

IMPORTANT NOTE - This provider is no longer under development.

Please use the official, verified Terraform MongoDB Atlas Provider: -Documentation -GitHub Repo


  • Terraform 0.12.x
  • Go 1.12 (to build the provider plugin)

Installing the Provider

Follow the instructions to install it as a plugin. After placing it into your plugins directory, run terraform init to initialize it.


# Configure the MongoDB Atlas Provider
provider "mongodbatlas" {
  username = "${var.mongodb_atlas_username}"
  api_key = "${var.mongodb_atlas_api_key}"

# Create a Cluster
resource "mongodbatlas_cluster" "test" {
  # ...

Also look at the example under /examples.

Building the Provider

Clone and build the repository

go get
make build

Updating the Provider

go get -u
make build


  • Install project dependencies: go get
  • Run tests: make test
  • Build the binary: make build