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A Netlify functions template for Apollo Server GraphQL API with MongoDB.
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Netlify Functions: MongoDB + GraphQL

A Netlify functions template for Apollo Server GraphQL API with MongoDB.

Add to Existing Project

cd into your project directory and run netlify functions:create to create a new function.

select *** Clone template from Github URL *** from the list of templates.

In the URL field enter

Netlify CLI will download the function and install all the dependencies in your project.

Local Development

Clone the repository and run the following commands to install all the dependencies:

cd netlify-functions-mongodb-graphql/functions/mongodb-graphql
npm i

Setup Environment Variables in your Netlify Site Settings

Login to your Netlify account. Go to and select your site, then go to: Site Settings > Build & Deploy > Environment

Then click on Edit Variables and setup the following variables:

DB_URI = <your-mongodb-connection-uri>
DB_NAME = <mongodb-database-name>


Edit typedefs.js according to your GraphQL schema.

type Todo {
  id: ID!
  title: String!
  completed: Boolean!

type Query {
  allTodos: [Todo]


Edit resolvers.js to return the resolvers for your schema.

  Query: {
    allTodos: async () =>
      await db

Run Dev Server

Open a terminal and run netlify dev to start the dev server. Netlify Dev will automatically fetch and inject the environment variables from your Netlify Site Settings and start a local dev sever on http://localhost:8888. To access GraphQL Playground, visit http://localhost:8888/.netlify/functions/mongodb-graphql in a browser window.

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