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Deploys web app with required settings defined


This template allows you to deploy an app service plan and a basic Windows web app with storage account, required to execute autoscaler app. Deploys to shared web app to minify spending - so, you'll need either to define bigger web app or find a way to ping it once in 5 minutes

Example configuration for deployment

I did some preparations for publishing via Visual Studio or MsDeploy, but, for my deployments - I'll use just build in Release, which will output all required files to a folder ~\autoscalingApp\WebJob\ - then, I'll use simple MsDeploy command to deliver it on web app:

"$(msdeploy.Path)" -allowUntrusted="True" -enableRule:DoNotDeleteRule -verb:sync -source:contentPath="~\autoscalingApp\WebJob\" -dest:contentPath="$(deploy.iisSiteName)/App_Data/jobs/continuous/",computerName="https://$(deploy.iisSiteName)$(deploy.iisSiteName)",username="$(user)",password="%userPwd%",authType="Basic"