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Akvo Flow app Build Status

The Akvo Flow app is the mobile application for the Akvo Flow data collection tool.

Akvo Flow was built specially for international development teams to monitor and evaluate initiatives while working in diverse locations that are often remote or lacking reliable basic infrastructure. It is designed for people who want to understand what is happening now, so they can make informed decisions that lead to secure, sustainable development aid investments.

Getting Started

To set up your development environment you'll need:

  • Oracle Java 8 SDK is recommended, but open JDK 8 may also work.
  • Before installing Android Studio, please see Installation Requirements for your OS.
  • Download Android Studio. The first time you launch Android Studio you will be required to download the Android SDK, ensure you have the latest version of the Android SDK Tools and the Android SDK Build-Tools. You will also need to check out the Android Support Library, Android Support Repository and Google Play Services.

Importing the Project in Android Studio

  • Click File > New >Import Project... and just select the root directory of the repository.

Note: For an overview on how Android Studio manages the Project structure, see the official documentation

Building the app

  • Before building the app, ensure the corresponding survey.properties file is located in app/.
  • You will need to set up the gradle.properties file in the app module. Just copy the sample gradle.properties.template file without the .template extension, and edit the values according to your local environment.
  • To build a release version of the app, for example for the flow flavour: ./gradlew assembleFlowRelease (or simply ./gradlew aFR). The generated APK will be located in the app/build/outputs/apk/flow/release/ folder.


To ensure a consistent code style throughout the codebase, we stick to the [Android Code Style Guidelines] (http://source.android.com/source/code-style.html) as much as possible.

Please import the util/ide/android-studio/Akvo Java Source Formatting.xml settings into your Android Studio. Go to File > Settings > Editor > Code Style > Java, select Manage and then Import.


Licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3. For more information see [LICENSE.txt] (https://github.com/akvo/akvo-flow-mobile/blob/develop/LICENSE.txt).