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Maps are an important way people interact with data. It helps judge progress of data collection, the spatial spread of data, and sometimes clear spatial patterns emerge. To enable users explore data using maps, they need some flexibility in what is displayed. This feature will make it possible to: 1) use street, satellite and terrain backgrounds, 2) show clustered data on different zoom levels, 3) enable filtering of data by survey, 4) styling markers (color, symbol) based on survey, and 3) display detailed data for individual points.

Because mapping is hard, we have decided to integrate flow with the open source CartoDB tool. We have made a carefull investigation of all the options, which clearly led to CartoDB as the most appropriate solution.

Initial features

In the first phase, we will introduce:

  • Use mapbox as tile provider for street, satellite and terrain tiles
  • display data of individual surveys on map using standard markers
  • enable users to specify popup style and content

Phase 2 will introduce:

  • enable data-driven styling of markers and custom icons
  • awareness of administrative boundaries
  • enable filtering of datasets
  • enable creation and saving of visualisations
  • handle translations of questions


Functional design document:

Technical design document:


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Based on feedback and ideas from Kiarii, here are minor implementation UI + UX fixes for the map, which we can add in with the integration in the first steps we are taking:

cartodb integration

  • Disable scrolling on the overall map page. Enable scrolling only in the sidebar
  • Set the maximum possible zoom, to only see the entire world map. This is to prevent the option for the user to zoom out to see multiple world maps.
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