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API Documentation

An API or Application Programming Interface is a way for machines to read and write information to each other through a series of established protocols and tools. We have implemented an API within RSR that allows access to authenticated users to be able to collect or send their information automatically.

There are many different opportunities to explore when utilising the API. We have written a blog post to further describe these options.

A REST API is available at built using Django REST Framework. An API key linked to an RSR user is needed to get any results, please contact us to receive your API key.

All use of the API needs to conform to our API Code of Conduct.

APIs provide a simple and effective way to communicate between systems in a loosely coupled structure. This means that data can be passed from one place to another in a standardised format and structure so that this data can be utlised at the receiving end.

We believe that APIs are the foundation of inter-system communication for the web, and we are committed to providing end points for our partners to connect directly with RSR in the way that suits them.

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About RSR APIs RSR Read API Documentation RSR Write API Documentation
Information about the RSR APIs and how they can be used. How to collect information from RSR to visualise or publish in your own way. How to deliver information to RSR for creation of projects or portfolio data.
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