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Custom Development to Support Partner's Data Journey
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Akvo Tech Consultancy

Build Status

This repository contains Akvo Tools custom integration pack development.

Project Description Type Lang / FW / Lib
CKAN Ckan Docker Pilot Project. Website Java, Python, SOLR, CKAN
G4AW Green Coffe, Coffee Price Integration. Jobs & Webhooks Python, Flask, Pandas, SocketIO
G4AW Angkor Salad, Data Pusher for Jobs Python, Pandas
G4AW Spice Up, Custom Email Notification for Demo Plots. Jobs Python, Pandas
G4AW Spice Up, Lizard Data Transformer & pusher. Jobs Python, Pandas
G4AW Spice Up, Happy Farmer Data Sync. Jobs Python, Flask, Pandas
Unicef Pacific Wash in Schools Custom Map Development. Website PHP, Laravel, Javascripts, Leaflet, Echarts, D3, Webpack
Oxfam Oxfam advanced visualisation. Data Scripts Python, Jupyter Notebook
UTZ Automated Plots download. Data Scripts Python
Mali GOV Bulk download forms data from a Flow instance. Data Scripts Python
ANU Pooling Lumen Pages. Website Python, Javascripts, Selenium, Echarts
ANU Lumen Trigger Updates. Jobs Python, Selenium
General Lumen Data Downloader. Tools Python, Pandas
General Akvo Flow Web. Website & API Python, Flask, Javascripts, ReactJS
APPSA Generate Custom Report from Akvo RSR. Website & API Python, Flask, Javascripts, ReactJS, Redux
Akvo Ckan Plugins for AkvoSite. Wordpress Plugins PHP, Javascripts


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