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Akvorado: flow collector, enricher and visualizer · Build status Codecov License Latest release

This program receives flows (currently Netflow/IPFIX and sFlow), enriches them with interface names (using SNMP), geo information (using, and exports them to Kafka, then ClickHouse. It also exposes a web interface to browse the collected data.

Timeseries graph

Sankey graph

Akvorado is developed by Free, a French ISP, and is licensed under the AGPLv3 license.

A demo site using fake data and running the latest stable version is available on It is the direct result of running docker compose up on a fresh checkout but port 2055 is not accessible (you cannot send you own flows). Please, be gentle with this resource. The demo site also enables you to browse the documentation for the current version (the one in docs/ is for the next version).

By default, Akvorado is using IPinfo databases for geolocation data.

Be aware that Akvorado is still young and should be considered as beta quality. Be sure to always read the changelog before upgrading.