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Commits on May 24, 2012
  1. @danielsdeleo

    Merge branch 'CHEF-3140'

    danielsdeleo authored
  2. @danielsdeleo
  3. @danielsdeleo
Commits on May 23, 2012
  1. @danielsdeleo
  2. @danielsdeleo

    [CHEF-3140] turn off gzip for remote_file tarballs

    danielsdeleo authored
    This fixes an issue where servers would incorrectly set content type to
    tar, and content encoding to gzip when downloading a tarball which would
    cause Chef::REST (and therefore remote_file) to decompress the response,
    leaving you with a tar archive when you expected a tarball.
Commits on May 17, 2012
  1. @schisamo

    Merge branch 'CHEF-3099'

    schisamo authored
  2. @schisamo
  3. @jkeiser
  4. @jkeiser
  5. @jkeiser

    Merge branch 'CHEF-3102'

    jkeiser authored
  6. @jkeiser
  7. @jkeiser
  8. @jkeiser
  9. @jkeiser

    Fix issue where hard links always took action on Windows

    jkeiser authored
    even if the hard link was already there
  10. @jkeiser
  11. @jkeiser
  12. @jkeiser
  13. @jkeiser
  14. @jkeiser

    Fix Windows link resource so it can handle links to

    jkeiser authored
    directories and broken links
  15. @jkeiser

    Make link tests run on Windows

    jkeiser authored
  16. @jkeiser
  17. @jkeiser
  18. @jkeiser

    Fix issue detecting symlinks that go nowhere;

    jkeiser authored
    use current resource status instead of redetecting file in actions;
  19. @jkeiser

    Refactor load_current_resource tests to be more comprehensive,

    jkeiser authored
    remove tests that are duplicated in functional
  20. @jkeiser
  21. @jkeiser

    Add tests for logging

    jkeiser authored
  22. @jkeiser
  23. @jkeiser
  24. @jkeiser
  25. @jkeiser
  26. @jkeiser

    Fix CHEF-3111, CHEF-3112: hard link issues

    jkeiser authored
    CHEF-3111: switching link type from symbolic to hard silently fails
    CHEF-3112: creating a hard link when file already exists noisily fails
  27. @jkeiser
  28. @jkeiser
  29. @jkeiser
  30. @btm

    CHEF-3123: do not specify --bitmap without value

    btm authored
    Some distributions do not support the "--bitmap none" option
    so we should not specify --bitmap unless grow is set.
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