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Feel free to contribute everywhere


Read document help/docs/code_style.rst


You can contribute in internationalization. Go under i18n directory and copy lang.en.js file. Rename langName part to your language. Open this file, and change following lines

if (undefined === $.wysiwyg) {
    throw "lang.langName.js depends on $.wysiwyg";
    if (undefined === $.wysiwyg.i18n) {
    throw "lang.langName.js depends on $.wysiwyg.i18n";

$.wysiwyg.i18n.lang.langName = {
    controls: {

    dialogs: {

to your language then translate control tooltips and dialog messages.


Read document help/docs/plugins.rst

UML scheme

Read document help/docs/get_dia.rst and take a look at picture help/docs/scheme.png

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