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I tend to do things differently. I realize that. Some people actually like the way that I do things, so I’ve decided to “publish” some of those things. I use Zend Framework for a lot of PHP development, because I like it’s “tool belt” approach. I can reuse pieces of the framework in a number of different projects that have nothing to do with MVC-pattern applications. There are some missing pieces, IMO, and some of the existing packages don’t work exactly as I’d like them to. Sometimes I submit issues to the ZF bug tracker and sometimes I’ll submit patches, but mostly I just subclass the component I’m after and override the behavior I don’t like or add another class that does what I want it to. I collected a fair share of those kind of components in a previous library that was never published, and in re-collecting my thoughts on those subjects, I’ve decided to share my ideas, along with some nice unit tests to explain them. I hope you find them useful.