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" .vimrc
" @author: Randall Degges
" @email:
" @date: 7-22-09
" @license: GPLv3 (
" This vim configuration file contains my vim configs which are used in all of
" my projects. These are sane, programmer settings which help view and modify
" code quickly and easily.
" search options
set is " set incremental search
set ic " set ignore case when searching
set scs " set smartcase (if the search string has uppercase letters, assume
" it IS case sensitive)
" text display
set wrap " turn long line wrapping on
set ts=4 " display tabs with a width of 4
" color display
set bg=dark " dark or light-- use dark background and light text
syntax on " turn on syntax highlighting
" indentation
set ai " turn automatic indenting on
set si " turn smart indenting on
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