Mar 21, 2010


Fixing HUGE tmpdir problem! The new attribute was broken (I didn't do…
… thorough testing).

Thanks, Maxime!
Mar 21, 2010


pycall version 1.5 is released!
This version contains some code syntax cleaning, and a new feature for the CallFile class!
The new feature (suggested by Maxime de Roucy ( allows users to
specify a temporary directory location to create call files. This can be useful in certain
circumstances, especially when you may want to generate call files quickly (eg: writing them
to ramdisk or something).

Mar 1, 2010


Release 1.4 contains a fix for cross-device callfile creation. Specif…
…ically, it fixes an

issue that occurs using os.rename to move the temporary callfile to the Asterisk spooling
directory if the spooling directory is on another device. os.rename raises an exception in
this instance, so instead I've switched to shutil.move which can fix that issue and
successfully move the file in either case.

This patch was submitted by EvilZluk (
Feb 24, 2010


Version 1.3. Contains most up-to-date code and features full support …
…for local trunks.
Oct 22, 2009


Cleaned up some stuff for new release.
Oct 20, 2009


Added demo.
This file demonstrates how to schedule calls in the future, and how pycall protects you from making trivial mistakes with timing.